Our Story

From a very young age, we have been passionate about good cuisine. Since then, we have enjoyed creating new recipes and have become interested in the properties and benefits of consuming pesticide-free and mostly organic foods to maintain healthy lives. That is why we enjoy cooking in a healthy way. We are always looking to improve our meals and love doing everything at home.

We began sharing our meals with family and friends. We want to give people pleasure with our dishes, make them feel good with our attention, give them healthy food, make them feel happy eating in our restaurant, and make them feel like family. Why? Because the joy of people is contagious and gives us strength and passion to move forward.

All our dishes are prepared by hand. We enjoy seeing a smile when people try our food. Everything we offer is made with love! It is a pleasure to let everybody know that it is not only Carlos and Roxana doing this arduous task day by day.

There is someone more important who is with us every day who puts their best ingredient in our meals, and that is our wonderful God! We love knowing that each of you receives a bit of Him in each bite of our food.

The inspiration of creating this restaurant began in Miami Florida where our family lived for more than 20 years. One night where darkness seized our lives when an unpleasant situation arises, and for human eyes without exit.

After a talk with God and a prayer the next day everything vanished.

After that night my two children (9 and 13 years at that time) had a revelation of God, heard their voice and told us that we had to move from here to Mont Dora and open a restaurant to be able to make many people happy with our delicious dishes.

That same night God made us a promise, he said - "In this family there will be no more darkness, but light" For that reason Dark and Light Café is our name. Our mission is to grow and help people in need.